Who We Are
We're passionate for Christ. We love people. We serve others. Together we're better.

Ticket Servant is an outreach of the ministry of KSBJ in Houston, Texas. Formed in 1999, Ticket Servant is a non-profit organization created to provide exceptional ticketing services to other non-profit entities, such as radio stations, churches, and school districts, making it easier for these organizations to concentrate on the production of their event. Ticket Servant's main clients include Christian radio stations, KSBJ in Houston, Texas and KTIS in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

As a non-profit ticketing company, Ticket Servant strives to keep ticketing fees as low as possible, charging only enough to cover operating costs and nothing more. The majority of the ticket price goes towards the tours, promoters and venues - all the pieces that go into creating a great experience for our customers.

 Mission Statement
To offer ticketing services that provide "A Voice of Hope, Connecting People to God" through live events based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Chris Farnsworth
Director of Special Events and Ticket Servant

Kasie Jamison
Sr. Manager, Ticketing

Kris Davis
Assistant Ticketing Manager

Stephanie Zreineh
Ticketing Customer Service Representative