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What are Print At Home tickets?

A Print At Home ticket is an electronic ticket that is emailed to you as a PDF attachment to the email confirmation, usually received within minutes of purchase. A Print At Home ticket allows you to print your tickets immediately on your own office or home printer. You simply bring that printout (your ticket) to the venue for admission, where it will be scanned for authenticity. No more waiting in lines for will call or waiting for the tickets to arrive in the mail. Ticket Servant highly suggests this method for the easiest delivery method. Print At Home may not be available for all events.

The PDF attachment will contain one page for each ticket purchased.

  • What is the delivery fee for Print At Home tickets?
    • For most events, Print At Home tickets are free of charge.
  • What is a PDF?
    • PDF is a file type used commonly for documents sent electronically. Most computers already have software installed to read a PDF file. If you cannot open the file, you may need to download Adobe Reader or update your Adobe Reader to the newest version.
  • Is my order confirmation my Print At Home ticket?
    • No, your order confirmation is your receipt. The tickets you need to print out are in the attached PDF.
  • Can my Print At Home tickets be scanned from my phone?
    • While we are sometimes able to scan Print At Home tickets from phones, we cannot guarantee entry unless you print out the ticket and bring it to the event.
  • My name is on my Print At Home ticket. Can someone else use it?
    • If your ticket does not explicitly state "Tickets are non-transferable" then someone other than yourself can use them. They are fully transferable, just like physical tickets that are mailed or picked up at the box office.
  • I haven't received my Print At Home tickets.
    • Please check your spam filter and junk mail folder first. Tickets are sent from If your tickets are not in your junk mail, please call us at 281-319-6900 (toll-free: 1-800-731-4500) or email us at
  • I bought a Print At Home ticket from someone online. Can I use it?
    • We cannot guarantee the validity of any order purchase from a 3rd party, nor can we give information out to anyone other than the original purchaser regarding an order. If you purchase from a 3rd party, you are doing so at your own risk.

If you have further questions about Print At Home tickets, please call us at 281-319-6900 (toll-free: 1-800-731-4500) or email us at

What is Will Call?

Will Call is the industry term for "pick up at the box office."  Tickets will be available at Will Call when an order cannot be mailed prior to the event, if "Print At Home" tickets are not available for a particular event, or if the Will Call option has been selected as the delivery method. On the Order Page, you will be asked to choose a preferred delivery method for your tickets.
If you have a question about Will Call pick-up for a specific venue, please call us at 281-319-6900 (toll-free: 1-800-731-4500) or email us at 

  • Where do I pick up my Will Call order?
    • Will Call is usually located at the venue's box office. Depending on the venue, the box office can be a table near the entrance or box office windows.
  • What information to I need to pick up my Will Call order?
    • In order to claim your order at the event on the day or night of the event, you must have a valid photo ID.
  • Can my Will Call order be mailed to me?
    • We cannot mail out Will Call orders. They must be picked up at the location of the event on day of show. Please pay careful attention to the delivery method that you select at the time of purchase.
What is Mail?

By selecting Mail as your delivery option, your tickets will be processed and sent to the address you provided during checkout. An additional fee will apply to cover processing and postage. If you selected Standard Mail, you should receive your tickets within 7 to 10 business days from the date you purchased your tickets. If you selected Express Mail, you should receive your tickets within 2-4 business days from the date you purchased your tickets. When the mail cut-off date has passed for the performance you have chosen, the Mail delivery option will not be available. Your tickets will instead be available for pick-up at the Will Call window on the day of show or by Print At Home. 

  • What is the delivery fee for Mail?
    • For most events, Standard Mail is $3.50 per order and Express Mail is $14.00 per order.
  • When are my tickets printed? When are my tickets shipped?
    • Tickets are typically printed, loaded into envelopes, and shipped 30 days prior to the event date. Some exceptions do apply.
  • It's less than 12 days until the event and I haven't received my tickets.
    • If your tickets haven't arrived at least 12 days prior to the event, please call us at 281-319-6900 (toll-free: 1-800-731-4500) or e-mail us at
  • The wrong shipping address is on my order confirmation.
    • If you've noticed an error in your shipping address, please call us immediately at 281-319-6900 (toll-free: 1-800-731-4500) or e-mail us at
  • I lost my tickets.
    • If you lost your tickets, please call us at 281-319-6900 (toll-free: 1-800-731-4500) or e-mail us at to discuss your options.
This is my first time ordering online. How do I check to make sure my order went through?

When your order is complete, a receipt will immediately be sent to you via email. If you think you may have typed the wrong email address or didn't receive an order confirmation, please call us at 281-319-6900 (toll-free: 1-800-731-4500) or email, and we can verify your completed order.

Are tickets available other ways besides online?

Yes, tickets can also be purchased over the phone at 281-319-6900 (toll-free: 1-800-731-4500) or in person at KSBJ Radio, Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 4:30 PM. Because our ticketing staff is frequently out of the office at events, we recommend calling the station in advance to ensure ticketing personnel is on site to complete your purchase. 

Where are my seats located?

If your tickets say General Admission or GA, that means your tickets grant you admission to the venue or a specific section of that venue. Unless otherwise noted, General Admission tickets are “Standing Room Only,” which means there are not actual seats, and you will be standing up during the duration of the show. If a General Admission show is seated, seats will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

For our Reserved seat shows, your seat locations are listed across the top of your tickets, and are visible during the purchase process and on your email confirmation. Please refer to the seating chart associated with the event on our event page.

Why am I being charged a fee?

As a nonprofit ticketing company, Ticket Servant strives to keep our ticketing fees as low as possible, charging only enough to cover operating costs and nothing more. The service fee and delivery fee are the only part of the ticket price that we receive. The rest goes to the tour, promoter, venue, etc. – all the pieces that go into creating a great experience for our customers.

We do our best to make ordering through Ticket Servant as convenient and efficient as possible, whether on your computer, mobile device, or over the phone. The valuable service we provide to customers and clients alike, relies on ticket fees to pay for the costs associated with our service: website hosting and maintenance, ticketing hardware and software, customer support, credit card processing services, merchant fees, labor and more; all the behind the scenes elements that make the customer’s purchasing experience as smooth and efficient as possible.

Our fees are typically significantly lower than the industry average, and we make sure to transparently outline all necessary fees during the purchase process for each event.

  • What is a Service Fee?
    • A Service Fee is a per ticket fee that varies by event and face value of the ticket. The rate is based on the cost to put on the event. You will always see the fee and total amount of your sale before you agree to a ticket purchase.
  • What is a Facility Fee?
    • Some venues require us to charge a per ticket Facility Fee. This charge is typically used to offset facility costs, such as parking, labor, clean-up, etc.
  • Can I avoid fees by buying tickets in person?
    • For most events, there is no cost difference between purchasing online or in person.


Do you offer group discounts?

Ticket Servant offers group discounts for select events. If a group discount is offered, the event information page will contain the details. For more information on group discounts, please call 281-319-6900 (toll-free: 1-800-731-4500) or email

Can I get a refund?

We unfortunately do not offer refunds unless a show is canceled. As noted in our Website Terms of Use, all sales are final.

If there has been a significant change to the event such as a location change or date change, we will send an announcement to all ticket holders with details as to whether refunds are available. Please check your email, including junk/spam folders, for this event announcement. If an event has been changed and the announcement includes a deadline for refund requests, we cannot refund orders submitted after that deadline.

We cannot offer refunds due to scheduling conflicts, illness, or other personal issues. We also do not have a credit system, as each show is unique and funds are not transferable from one event to another.

**Coronavirus Update: At this time all of our events are continued as planned, with additional precautionary measures in place. Any event cancellation due to health concerns would come in compliance with Galveston County. **

Is wheelchair accessible seating available?

Yes, accessible seating is available for all reserved seating events. Wheelchair accessible seating can be selected and purchased online. Click on the accessible button on the event page to choose from all available accessible seating. For help buying online or to purchase by phone, please call us at 281-319-6900 (toll-free: 1-800-731-4500).

Are sign language interpreters or assisted listening devices available for guests with hearing impairments?

Yes, sign language interpreting services will be provided upon request. Please contact Ticket Servant at or call us at 281-319-6900 (toll-free: 1-800-731-4500) at least 4 weeks prior to event to request services. 
Most venues have assisted listening devices. Please check in advance by calling 281-319-6900 (toll-free: 1-800-731-4500) or ask the ticket office at the venue. 

When do tickets go on sale?


On sale times can vary by event, promoter and venue. The best way to learn about on sale dates and times is to join our mailing list or follow us on Facebook. You can find out more about these two option by visiting our Contact Us page.

I heard my favorite artist will be performing. Why isn't this event listed on


If you do not see the tickets you want on Ticket Servant, we either do not sell tickets for that event or the tickets are not on sale yet.

Upcoming events are not listed on until they are 100% confirmed; therefore, if you hear of an event coming to Houston – and the event is not yet listed on our website, this event is not yet confirmed and any pertinent event details (on-sale date, ticket pricing information, etc.) are not available.

How can I be notified by email of upcoming Christian events?

Visit our Contact Us page to join our mailing list or click here to follow us on Facebook.

I am organizing an event at my church. How do I find out more about using Ticket Servant to sell tickets?

Complete our Event Request form and we'll get back with you as soon as possible regarding your event. 

Does attending an event mean that I am consenting to being photographed?

Yes, ticket holder acknowledges that the event may be broadcast, recorded or otherwise publicized at the producer's discretion, and hereby grants permission to utilize ticket holder's image or likeness in connection with any live recorded transmission or reproduction of such event.

How can I become an events volunteer?

You can join the KSBJ Events Team today by registering as a KSBJ Volunteer, and selecting the KSBJ Concert Volunteer option.

Please complete the volunteer application on All volunteers must apply through KSBJ's official website. 

Is Ticket Servant currently hiring?

To apply for or view our current openings, please visit All candidates must apply through KSBJ's official website. 

Purchase Policy

Please check your event date, seating location and number of tickets carefully before purchasing. Our policy prohibits refunds or exchanges once a ticket has been purchased. Tickets cannot be replaced for lost, stolen or damaged tickets. Please treat them as cash. Event dates and times are subject to change; please see "Cancellation Policy."

Online Privacy Policy
Cancellation Policy

Should the presenter or artist make the decision to cancel an event (without rescheduling a new date), a refund will be issued for the amount paid for the tickets. If a purchase was made by credit card, the refund will be made to the same credit card used to purchase the tickets. If the purchase was made by cash or check, tickets must be mailed to Ticket Servant, 1722 Treble Dr., Humble, TX 77338. Tickets must be accompanied with name, address and phone number of the purchaser. A check will be issued and mailed to the purchaser within 2 weeks of receipt of the tickets. Tickets must be received no later than the date of the cancelled event or 10 days after the date of cancellation, whichever is later. 

**Coronavirus Update: At this time all of our events are continued as planned, with additional precautionary measures in place. Any event cancellation due to health concerns would come in compliance with Galveston County. **

Rescheduled Event Policy

Should an event be cancelled and rescheduled for another date, tickets issued for the original date will be honored for the rescheduled date and time unless otherwise posted. For more information on our rescheduled date policy, please email or call us at 281-319-6900 (toll-free: 1-800-731-4500) at least 72 hours prior to the rescheduled event date. 

Terms of Use

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