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We Are The Monks

We Are The Monks

Trent Monk began his music career as the former half of Monk & Neagle, a duo formed in college. The two were fairly successful, releasing a self-titled album and a second project, The Twenty-First Time. However, after deciding to pursue different paths, the pair ended up splitting, and he eventually stopped pursuing music.  He began supporting himself by waiting tables, doing carpentry work, and going to culinary school. It wasn’t even in the picture anymore, but still Trent felt a calling back towards music.

During this transition period, Trent met Shellie.  "I knew the first night we met that this was something pretty special,” says Trent. “It wasn't long after that night I knew Shellie was it for me." When he realized that music was still very much part of the plan God had laid out, Trent didn’t want to uproot by himself, and asked Shellie to marry him and join him as he toured, playing churches and living rooms across the country. Shellie said yes! Shortly after, the Monks hit the road together, feeling called to do so as a couple.

At first, Trent was playing and singing alone, with Shellie booking shows and managing the business side of an artist’s tour. In fact, the first two projects (Dreamer & Trent Monk Live) were well-received and solidified Trent’s career as a solo artist. However, as Shellie started singing background vocals and playing shaker during live performances, she naturally grew into the musical composition. “I was honestly completely content with hitting the road with him and being the supportive wife, and then it organically grew into me having more of a musical role alongside Trent on stage,” says Shellie. They felt called to transition into a different chapter, and released their first album together as We Are the Monks in 2015.

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